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Clowning around: lessons from the circus

28-July-2018 10:22
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by Admin

Have you ever been to the circus? I wasn’t certain I was a circus lover until I discovered Giffords Circus. A Cotswolds institution and utterly enchanting. Beautiful, funny, clever - get tickets and go. You’ll fall in love too.

What makes for a great circus? Clowns, acrobats, dancing ponies, slapstick, a strong man, fire eating and perhaps a unicycling dachshund.

Notice I didn’t say clowns, clowns, clowns, clowns. A brilliant clown can, of course, be fabulous. But a circus isn’t about just one act, rather the coming together of a variety of performers. All amazing in their own right and collectively absolutely incredible.

From time to time you happen across an employee that is fantastic. They’re everything you’d hoped they’d be. You quite possibly wish you could clone them and replicate their qualities in your future recruits. After all, they’re almost perfect. Yet that would most likely be a mistake. Successful teams are built not by recreating what you already have, but by identifying what’s missing and plugging the gaps. In my opinion, that’s what promoting diversity looks like.

No-one wants a team full of clowns.

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