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What is an Employer Brand?

25-April-2019 12:47
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In our previous article we discussed the importance of an employer brand, both in terms of attracting the right talent and reducing your recruitment overheads. A positive employer brand is critical to the success of your business. Today, we’ll delve a little deeper into what an employer brand is.

At its most simplistic it’s why your organisation is a great place to work; why someone would want to join your team and continue to work there. This definition is dynamic; what made a company “great” to work at 30, 20 or even 10 years ago is not necessarily going to reflect current opinion, and those firms that haven’t moved with the times will find themselves behind the curve. Or you might have a fairly solid employer brand already, but aren’t communicating it effectively.

From a corporate perspective, a lot of firms will have spent time on their vision, culture and values, aiming to align your workforce to deliver consistent excellence to your clients. It will form part of your corporate branding. Those that have are half way to building an employer brand too.

The key is to make those values resonate by defining how they make your firm unique with a clear purpose, and align those aspirations with the people you’re looking to attract. Embed the values across the organisation, showcase how you’re different and celebrate where your team deliver.

It’s definitely not just perks and benefits, although they are an important part of your brand, especially anything that supports flexible working and helps maintain work/life balance. Also consider:

Ongoing recognition – tell the story of your talent successes, reward those that do well.

Trust, empowerment – will candidates get the freedom and opportunity to flourish and make an impact?

Management style – will managers support their team, mentoring and developing them through their career without being over-bearing? Are your senior managers approachable?

Opportunity for development or progression – do you invest in your people?

Corporate social responsibility – charitable work, activity in the local community.

Social – are your team open and welcoming, will candidates feel that they will fit in? Is there an active social scene (Note: this can’t just be drinks on a Friday. Think inclusive!)

Overall compensation – reward and promote those that do well AND live your values.

Hopefully this gives a bit more insight into what your employer brand could be. In the next article we’ll make some suggestions on how you might build your employer brand.

At Skilling Gate, we’re happy to help our clients improve their employment practices as part of our relationship. If you’re interested in discussing this further, get in touch.


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