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Job Search: Our Top 10 Tips

25-April-2018 15:41
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We are all familiar with the game snakes and ladders – it makes for a good analogy when considering your career.  Often there isn’t just one straight ladder to the top, but rather lots of ladders that require a degree of negotiation, some longer than others.  Equally you’re never too far away from a snake and when those setbacks do come, and they almost certainly will, they don’t necessarily mean you won’t win the game.

Our Top 10 Tips

- Don’t expect to fall into your dream job but be prepared to work towards it.  The career ladder is often a tricky one to negotiate and gaining valuable experience, developing core skills and building up contacts will allow you to pursue your dream.

- Taking a less than perfect position within an organisation that reflects your personal values can be a great way to build up those skills and experience.

- Rule things in, instead of out – there are some jobs we just know we don’t want to do, but there are other things perhaps we hadn’t even considered.  Don’t make assumptions, find out more, talk to people and be prepared to try new things.   

- Be organised and keep records of your job applications.

- It can take a while to find a new job – the application process, selection process, any notice period that needs to be worked.  Remain committed, even if you’ve been knocked back. 

- Where do you want to work?  Are you sure you want to move?  Make sure you know where the position will be based and if that’s likely to change.  If you’re prepared to relocate, say so up front.

- Make sure your CV and accompanying covering letter are tailored to the job and company you are applying for.  Firing out a generic CV for multiple positions will not yield the best response, and worse, forgetting to remove details specific to one company when applying to another is hugely unprofessional.  We’ll share our guide to writing your CV next month.

- Remember your online footprint – prospective employers might well google you, so you should do the same.  You need to feel comfortable with what the search generates.  First impressions happen long before a recruiter has even met you. 

- Social media has changed the way we job hunt.  You can research a company and its employees online giving you a real feel as to whether it’s somewhere that might match your values.  You can also contact people directly, making speculative applications even easier.

- Make yourself available and be prepared for assessment days, face-to-face interviews, online video interviews, telephone interviews and so on.  Flexibility is key.

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