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AI: Artificial Insemination?

21-March-2018 14:39
in General
by Admin

I grew up in the countryside where the acronym AI rarely referred to Artificial Intelligence and usually resulted in new livestock.  Times have changed.  Barely a day passes without the media talking about artificial intelligence and how our future will be shaped by AI and algorithms. 

Why might this be of interest to a recruiter?  Whilst the list of things that AI could be used for continues to grow, screening job candidates is sneaking higher up the list.  Perhaps with good reason – just consider this for a moment – in 2016, Tesco, the UK’s largest private employer, received over 3 million job applications.  That’s over 11,500 applications for every working day of the year.  All of which need assessing.  Not only is that a monumental task, but an eye-wateringly expensive one. 

It’s interesting – the desire to automate the screening process, and arguably eliminate a degree of human bias at the same time, has galvanised support amongst larger recruiters.  Furthermore, the number of metrics that can be mapped and assessed are simply mindboggling – posture, facial expressions, tone, language and so on.  There are even games for candidates to play which will predict aptitude, quizzes and psychometric tests, all designed to rule candidates in or out before a human ever sees their CV, let alone meets them. 

Is this the future?  Quite possibly.  But as Stephen Buranyi reports in this article for The Guardian, as human interaction in recruitment declines, an already difficult process becomes deeply alienating, creating artificial barriers that feel impenetrable.  Instant rejection, no feedback, dehumanising. 

At Skilling Gate we are incredibly proud of the inclusive processes we have in place to treat all candidates fairly and most importantly, as people.  Our screening involves us – I’ve yet to write an algorithm.   


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