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Click, click, done

12-December-2018 16:45
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by Admin

The internet continues to change our lives – everything is accessible and in the most part, instant.  We go online to shop, date, book holidays, reserve tables, view houses, invest money and pay bills. 

Internet job boards are thriving.  Huge online databases displaying vacancies for companies of all shapes and sizes operating in every sector.  You can scroll through vacancies, sort by role, location, industry or salary.  It’s easy to dismiss jobs and just as simple to apply – click, click, done.  And that’s it.  Without so much as a second glance, you’ve applied for a job.

Sitting on the receiving end of those applications can be a miserable experience.  Candidate after candidate submitting incomplete applications, CVs teeming with errors and omissions, completely mismatched skills and values, thoughtless covering letters – if indeed there is one at all – and a general lack of care.  Job applications have become sloppy. 

Allowing a candidate to simply click and apply with next to no effort is, in my opinion, a grave error of judgement.  Whilst online job boards are delivering the instant access that we crave, they’re also partly responsible for fuelling spiralling levels of disappointment.  Candidates apply in haste, become disheartened by the rejections and recruiting firms are frustrated by lackadaisical applicants.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Some things shouldn’t be done in an instant.  Applying for a job is one.

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