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Who are you calling chavvy?

12-May-2018 16:39
in General
by Admin

Oh dear.  We’ve all done it (or at least come painfully close).  That feeling of utter terror which descends as you realise you’ve inadvertently sent an email to the wrong person.  It didn’t come as a huge surprise last week to read that a lady received an email from a potential employer describing her as ‘chavvy’ – the email was intended for internal use only, but mistakenly slipped out to the candidate.  Ouch.  Immediacy of Electronic Communication 1 Reputation of Business 0.    

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to the language we use to describe potential (or existing) clients or candidates.  The odd derogatory word here, the occasional slight there.  The result of sending an email to the wrong person is obvious, but what about comments written and saved on internal systems? 

People have always had the right to request any data held about them, in all it’s glory – so providing data to a client or candidate where your colleagues have been a little too liberal with their thoughts has always had the potential to cause embarrassment – but with the GDPR changes snapping at our heels (read our Idiot's Guide to GDPR here) more people might be making those data requests than ever before.  Worth bearing in mind if you’re in danger of referring to a prospective colleague or client as chavvy.     


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