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Monday morning - how do you feel?

10-September-2018 12:01
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by Admin

If you lingered a little too long over your breakfast this morning, feeling disillusioned about the working week ahead, you’re not alone.  However, it’s unlikely that it’s ‘working’ per se which is the cause of your melancholy, but more likely the specific job that you’re employed to do or perhaps the organisation you work for.

Working, whether paid or unpaid, is good for you.

Research from the DWP suggests being in work keeps us busy, challenges us and provides the means to develop ourselves.  It can give us a sense of pride and can help us develop our identity.  We often meet people, build relationships, socialise and discuss last night’s tv creating a valuable network.  Paid work has the advantage of providing an income to support ourselves and allows us the freedom to explore our interests. 

People in work often enjoy happier and healthier lives than those who are not in work – our physical and mental health improved.  Workers are less at risk of long term illness and incapacity.

If you’re in the wrong job or working for an organisation that doesn’t echo your own personal values, you might not be reaping the benefits of being in work.  Perhaps it’s time to take stock and reconsider your options? 

If you already work or are considering a move into the financial services sector, then have a chat with us.  You can upload your details here and take that first step towards making Monday mornings great again.   

As for breakfast, here’s a link to a previous blogpost about starting your day with a bang.  Enjoy.   

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